The global energy market is in transition - and we are at the heart of it. The relentless drive towards electrification and digitalization of our economy requires a clean and sustainable power supply as well as robust and flexible infrastructure.

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We live sustainability.

We focus on delivering long-term sustainable returns to our investors and contributing value to a low-carbon society. Our investment strategy is risk-averse, integrates ESG as a core element and promotes a close alignment of all stakeholders.

Renewable energy infrastructure investing in a sustainability setting.

We target projects in the most resource rich regions of Europe and sell renewable electricity through private power purchase agreements (PPA) without relying on government subsidies. Future portfolios will be complemented with investment in related infrastructure assets, which enable and enhance the efficient integration of renewables.

The strategy follows the company’s vision of an energy market with renewables as the cheapest and most abundant source of power.

Responsible investment for the good of our investors, employees, partners and the planet.

As a signatory of the UN PRI (2012) and the UN Global Compact (2018), Luxcara’s responsible investment policy adheres to the highest standards of governance and supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

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